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  • Devah Kal - New Era
    Devah Kal - New Era

    Reopening - 21.09.2018

Latest News

Server Reset

Update 10.09.

Dear Devah Community,

sorry for the Delay, the opening has now been set, it will take place on 21.09.
Any further informations about the start time, all the recent changes and more will follow the next days.
Small note: We applied a full SSL-Encryption to our Homepage, if you face any issues please let us know!


Dear Devah players, as alot of you already expected, we are going to reset the server! We had a rough start with alot of issues (crashes, connection) but we are glad that we fixed them all. Since we fixed all the issues appeard, we wanna give you a new, smooth start. But we learned alot of some issues that few players complained about and there will be some serious changes! Also you can expect some new Systems in the new Version and alot more PvP-Systems (Daily BF and stuff like that)! Thanks for all your support so far, we really appreciate it. Please keep reporting us your suggestions, we'll always listen to them and see if we can apply them ingame! More details about the changes, donation refund and reopening date will be announced this weekend!

Devah Kal officially released it´s new website. Stay tunned for more information.