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  • Devah Kal - New Era
    Devah Kal - New Era

    Grand Opening 08.06.2018 - 19:00 GMT+2

  • Devah Kal - New Era
    Devah Kal - New Era

    New never seen systems - Lower experience rate - more fun

Floor 10 Dunamic & Cheios The Ilyer will spawn Dunamic and Cheios everyday at 19:00 GMT+1. Register yourself to beat them down and get Weapons and Armor Parts from them.
  • Mixing stones
  • Dragon spirit scrolls
  • Grade 65 Armor Parts
EmokThousand year old Emogy You need to kill the Ghost of a Dragon to spawn the Emok Boss. You´ve got 1 hour to take it down.It will appear at 18:00 GMT+1
  • Mixing Stones
  • Dragon spirit scrolls
  • Grade 60 Armor Parts
  • G62 Weapons

Latest News

Server news

Hello Devah-Kal community!

The majority (84%) want us to reset the server. Therefore we close the poll and start working on the fixes.
We will go back to the 2016 engine due to too many bugs on the latest. The only feature you guys will miss is the smartcast for riding. However, alot of things are better on the 2016 engine like the whisper system.

We will change alot of ingame stuff, for example increasing the exp until level 70 and removing the 1st and 2nd jobchange quests. Donators will get 100% of their donations refunded. 
We also decided to give you a small "welcome back present"!

1. All players will receive our donation "weekend package".
2. The top #10 players will be rewarded by a "7 day´s package".

We will need a few days to fix some stuff. We will also hold a short open beta to prevent any issues. We will start the server as soon as possible but I cannot tell you any date yet.
We will not rush anything and we will not open during the week!

Feel free to stay in touch with us on our discord channel:

Kind regards,
Your Devah-Kal Team

Devah Kal officially released it´s new website. Stay tunned for more information.